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The Advanced Global Health Spine | joint & Laser Centre, Global Health Aesthetics is the only Centre in north India, established in 2010. Global health is the Centre for all ortho-neuro, vascular diseases and cosmetology solutions.

'We are specialized in the no invasive treatment for Slip Disc, Sciatica, Back Pain, AVN Hip Joint, Cervical Pain, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Venous & Diabetic Ulcer. India's largest and most hi-tech Centre in north India. We have specialized USA FDA technology's like Hi-power laser, targeted robotics spinal disc decompression system, 3D newton, PMR micro-circulation repairing system, CRF, ESWT. Our main principle of treatment to repair & regenerate damage disc, nerve tissues, bone tissue, cartilage & muscular tissues. New generation tissue engineering technology which works as a regenerative medicine. We treated more than 25000 successful cases and prevent them from surgery. The Advanced 'Global Health Spine & Joints- Laser Centre and Aesthetics Centre'